What are Brb. Hair Products made from?

Brb. Hair products are meticulously made from a blend of hand-picked botanical and nutraceuticals from aloes, seeds, ginseng, and moringa to provide proteins and essential nutrients for hair growth.


Are Brb. hair products suitable for hair loss solutions for men and women?

Yes! To provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction, our products are suitable for hair regrowth for men and women, all in a convenient setting.


What are the causes of hair loss?

The causes of hair loss are multifactorial ranging from heredity to hormones and age. Our genetic makeup determines if our hair follicles respond to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. Furthermore, advancing age weakens the hair follicles contributing to hair thinning and hair loss.


How soon will I start seeing results?

We understand that we might be eager to see fast results. However, long-lasting results are better than fast but short results. Our Brb. Hair products are made from natural extracts that may take time to build up in our system before entering the growth phase. Don’t worry, you can rest assured of dramatic improvement and faster hair growth as it yielded in the results from our field tests.


Which herbal traditions do Brb. Hair products follow?

Brb. Products combine the knowledge of an effective herbal solution based on an old herbal family recipe from Northern Thailand, alongside innovative, scientific research on how these herbs nourishes your hair roots and blocks DHT effects to your follicles.


Does Brb. Hair products have any side effects?

Unlike conventional hair products that contain chemicals that might damage your scalp and hair, Brb. Hair products are made with 100% natural extracts with no known negative side effects but positive effects to make your hair full and luminous.


Will I use Brb. Hair products for life?

Hair loss and thinning are due to genetic factors specific to individuals. Brb. Hair products are aimed at providing essential nutrients and proteins to maintain the ongoing health of scalp and hair follicles. Some customers report no hair loss after they stopped applying our products while some experience thinning and hair loss very slowly after stoppage. It is advisable for all customers to discover what period of use is effective for them to ensure longer, stronger